Hutchinson Unloading Augers

Using auger unloading housing and flight is an economical approach to storage unloading that has a proven history for reliability. These unloaders can be purchased as a whole unit that includes not only the unloading tube and flight, but also the center well, intermediate wells and control pipe kits. Then with the selection of your choice of powerhead, you will have a complete unload system. Also, our systems can be ordered as components that will allow you to completely customize what you need for any application.

Auger Unloading features:

  • Choice of unloading tube and flights to meet your capacity and size requirements
  • Various Center bin well and Intermediate bin well options available
  • Control pipe kits and either control lever or rack & pinion openers to select from
  • Bin flanges, quick connect flange clamps and an assortment of other possible components to complete your unload system.

Hutchinson Power Sweeps

The Power Sweep provides the convenience of powering both the unloading flight and the sweep with one motor on the outside of the grain bin. The sweep can remain inside the bin during the grain bin filling process, allowing it to be in position for use at a moments’ notice. We have an excellent choice of power head options to fit your application that will complete your unloading system.

Standard and Heavy Duty Power Sweep features:

  • Center power well and roller supported gate with gear boxes
  • Bin sweep with 4 to 1 reduction drive sweep wheel
  • Under bin auger housing and flight
  • Appropriate number of intermediate wells
  • Control pipe kit with unique control lever for maximum pull

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